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The largest part of achieving successes fundamentally is rooted from a simple contagious concept, which triggered by the passion for the work of the work itself.

The passion that appeal in PT. Cyrus Fluks Indonesia has allowed it to embrace every colleagues and partners and turned it becoming togetherness, and a work culture of self motivated and initiative is build by it.

All challenges are fullfilled, driven with practical solutions and strong perseverance.
Colleagues and Partners are simultaneously encouraged and empowered to reflect and upgrade themselves, to achieve the best services with efficient time management, so that substantial effort can be focused to the customers for having excellent results.


Becoming a sustainable company among the others and create more job vacancies as an impact of the growth and sustainable company, which allows wide society to even get closer with a better and beautiful surroundings from PT. Cyrus Fluks Indonesia.


Reach for higher level of performance, professionalism and competencies, increased our effectiveness and competitiveness in both local and international markets and to stay abreast of the latest developments from any aspects.

Conduct a perpetual sales to achieve sales turnover for having a sustainable company.

Customers oriented to achieve excellent result with positive attitude and manners.